Besides putting its remarkable stamp on design, lifestyle and interiors, Sanchez Design Studio, Inc. reaches outside to the community at large with philanthropic programs by  donating 3% of the profits for every design contract closed to Lyfe Sustainable.

Lyfe Sustainable believes in interior design as a tool for attaining sustainable development in the Philippines, and help alleviate problems caused by poverty, lack of shelter and climate change. We advocate supporting humanity and the environment through Interior Design by changing the perception that design remains the domain of an elite segment of the world’s population.

The programs and fundraising campaigns of Lyfe Sustainable include:
-Community Pro Bono Interior Design 2011 | 2015
-Art and Design Classes 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017
-Furniture Makeover Campaign 2014 | 2015
-Pop-Up by Design 2015 | 2017  | 2018
-Visual AIDS 2015 | 2017
-Free Furniture Donation Pickup

For volunteer signups, charitable donations or more information, please use this form. You may also contact Lyfe Sustainable at +6332 260 8744 or email at