Timeless appeal with unexpected Modern panache – that’s the distinctive and iconic style of Sanchez Design Studio Inc.

The excitement of eclectic silhouettes mixed with strong simple lines, a muted palette with splashes of bold color and rich, startling textures and patterns are the signature of SDSI. Although every SDSI interior is born of this well honed approach, the results are as diverse as our clients. Each project is thoughtfully discussed with each client to draw out their vision. Only then do we proceed to craft a design by pushing boundaries that create unique and elegant spaces defined by beauty, comfort and style.

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An interior designed by SDSI respects the integrity of architecture, space, and detail while balancing a client’s ideas with the SDSI aesthetic. The end result is creating space for living and working that’s bold in its approach, but that is classic, contemporary, and will stand the test of time.

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