Services: Interior Architecture, Design, Decoration, and Renovation
Stats: More than ten (10) years in the industry with twenty (20) years of combined experience and expertise, with more than 20,000 square meters of areas served

SDSI develops foolproof themes to suit every personality, lifestyle and budget; not only on private residential projects, but commercial/retail, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, and institutional assignments as well. We understand the hassle it takes to make decisions and design a space:

Goal: To make your lives easier by delivering design in a timely manner, at a right price.
Mission: To make the world a beautiful and better place to live in, one room at a time.
Vision: To be the leading firm in Cebu to design spaces that are Environmental-Friendly & Cruelty-Free, Accessible & Inclusive and Healthy & Well.


“I had my one-bedroom condo designed. Wow! Super okay! Very nice. Love the ambience… Color coordination is perfect… Bedroom is a showcase!” -M. Modesto

“SDSI has a very professional team who is very knowledgeable. I viber them all the time and he promptly asnwer all my inquiries, saving so much time. And they do all the leg work. They are an expert on color and themes.” -A. Co

“Lionel Sanchez has the best taste! he is truly an expert in his own field! And if you want value for your money, he is the right designer to go to! Design on a budget and delivered in a fashionable and timely manner! I would definitely recommend that your hire him for you ID projects!” -R. Mcinstosh

SDSI’s services gel science and art with regards to its planning, specifying, selecting and organizing the surface finishes and material including furniture, furnishings and fixtures and all other necessary interior design elements to suit, improve and meet the intended function, character and movement of which the interior is designed for. We also recognizes the importance of acoustics, lighting, temperature, ergonomics, anthropometrics and factors such as National Building Codes and Fire Safety Requirements. Get to know more about us here to get started!